Shipping Information


Packing and shipping instructions for smaller clocks..........DO NOT try to ship tall case clocks without contacting us.


  1. Prior to packing remove any weights or pendulums. Ship them in the box with the clock but not still in the clock.

    When packing do not place anything inside the movement area of the clock. Be sure to lock the case closed with any locking arrangement on the clock. Use two sturdy boxes. One large and one smaller.

  2. Place the clock in a clean plastic bag and pack the clock in the smaller box with plenty of packing material surrounding it. Place that box in a larger box, again, with plenty of packing material between the outer and inner boxes.

    Boxes and packing materials are available at most office supply stores, FedEx, UPS, U-Haul, Ryder, and other moving companies.

  3. When packing your clock be sure to insert a note with the clock showing your name, address, phone number, email address, and instructions as to what you want done. Do not send winding keys with the clock, as we have master keys to use.

  4. We recommend using UPS or FedEx when shipping your clock. Both are very reliable, both have economy ground shipping, they both have multiple drop off locations, or they can schedule a pick-up at your home.

  5. Be certain to place adequate insurance on your clock when shipping. The cost for insurance is relatively small for major protection and peace of mind.

    SHIP TO:
    Tick Tock Clock Shop
    149 W. Maryland Ave.
    Aldan, PA 19018

  6. Once we receive your clock we will examine it and contact you with an estimate. We will never begin any repairs without your written authorization.